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Capital Bible Institute operates with the following standard grading system.

A grade is issued for each course each semester of attendance.   A combined GPA will be given for an overall grade for each semester.


Capital Bible Institute Grading System
1. Letter Grade is comprised of the following:
  70% ~ Tests and Quizzes…
  20% ~ Reading Assignment
  10% ~ Memory Verses……..
NOTE:  On the final night of the semester each student will have the opportunity to write out all the memory verses.
If the student scores an A their final overall grade will be raised by a full letter.
Letter Grade1 Range Numerical Grade
A 90 – 100 4.0
B 80 – 89 3.0
C 70 – 79 2.0
D 60 – 69 1.0
R Below 60 (repeat course)
CMP Complete (ungraded)
I Incomplete
WD Withdrew
DRP Dropped
NS No Show


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Capital Bible Institute
3504 Gallows Road, Annandale, VA 22003


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