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The Capital Bible Institute is a ministry of Capital Baptist Church and Founder Pastor Steve Reynolds.

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A Message from Pastor Steve Reynolds

Thirsty for more knowledge of the Bible, but don’t have the time or money to attend a full-time Bible college or seminary?   If so, then I urge you to enroll in our Bible Institute.   The most frequently asked question is, “Just who would profit by attending the Bible Institute?”.   The Capital Bible Institute has been carefully and prayerfully prepared with the following groups in mind:

  1. Career-minded people who sense the need to understand the great truths in the Scriptures.
  2. Sunday School teachers and Christian workers who minister God’s Word to others.
  3. Those who are called of God to full-time Church Ministry.
  4. Senior citizens who now have the time to study the Bible.
  5. Parents who depend upon the Scriptures in raising their children.
  6. Teenagers and college young people who are seeking God’s will for their lives.
  7. Housewives who desire a deeper knowledge of the Bible.

    Our Biblical Studies program was designed for students who desire seminary-level education but who are not pursuing a degree. This
    program is an excellent way to strengthen your biblical foundation for Christian life and ministry.

    Whether your goal is to acquire a foundation of Bible knowledge and serve as a godly layperson, or to graduate and go on to full-time
    church ministry, our Institute has you in mind.

    Do not delay your adult Bible education. Enroll today to improve your knowledge of the Bible and earn a diploma!

    For more information about the Bible Institute or how you can enroll, please call the Bible Institute office at (703) 568-7484 or
    drop us a line and we will help you however we can.

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Capital Bible Institute exists to develop Christian leaders for the local church by providing training in Biblical Studies and Church Ministries.

    “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”

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— New semester starting Monday, September 23, 2024



• Alumni Quotes

The following quotes are provided by past graduates expressing the impact on their lives that attendance at the Capital Bible Institute has provided for them.

"The Capital Bible Institute was a great experience that I am glad I did not miss out on. The discipline required to get into God’s Word and study was rewarding. The instructors loved the Bible and it showed. And, the fellowship of the other students was sweet."

"The Capital Bible Institute has provided me with the opportunity to grow, both mentally and spiritually in my walk with the Lord. The classes have shown me how I can apply the teachings of the Bible to every aspect of my life; not just my church life."

"Being a new Christian and thirsty for the Word of God, I jumped at the chance for an accelerated Bible Study. I wanted to learn at a much quicker pace than the many years it takes to cover the Bible in Sunday School."

"The Bible Institute has given me practical teaching and training for the ministry through the best means possible; the local church."




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