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The Bible Institute operates on a semester basis and spans six semesters in total.

Anyone can start at any semester and complete the program in three years.

If you are unable to attend consecutive semesters you may fill in any missed semesters during the next scheduled time as documented below.


SemesterEnrollment PeriodCalendar Period
01August 2019September (Fall) 2019
02January 2020January (Spring) 2020
03August 2020September (Fall) 2020
04January 2021January (Spring) 2021
05August 2021September (Fall) 2021
06January 2022January (Spring) 2022
SemesterEnrollment PeriodCalendar Period
01August 2022September (Fall) 2022
02January 2023January (Spring) 2023
03August 2023September (Fall) 2023
04January 2024January (Spring) 2024
05August 2024September (Fall) 2024
06January 2025January (Spring) 2025


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Capital Bible Institute
3504 Gallows Road, Annandale, VA 22003


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